Monet Hinton - Hyattsville, MD 8/2018

 "Although I was being interviewed I felt like I was learning also about Ann. Her style is very organic and natural which represent her inner and outer appearance.

 If I had to describe Ann in one word it would be "Energy." 

She's full of energy, she gives energy and she is ENERGY...Our time together was AMAZING! "

Randy F - Atlanta GA 7/2018

"Ann is very natural, earthy and authentic. She is spiritually gifted and unique when it comes to coaching. Ann has the ability to connect with you on a very deep personal level  without being intrusive or bossy which helped me relax and get the best out of my sessions with her. 

I walked away with a fresh approach on how to manage my stuff...lol

Ann thank you for always keeping it real with me."

Mark Fenynman - Woodland Park CO 4/2018

 "Ann has a unique ability to listen, hear, and empathize with a person.  As you talk to her you realize she is tuning out all the environmental distractions and using all of her focus and energy to absorb what you are struggling to communicate.  

This is a mix of unique innate ability, her own challenging path in life and its experiences, and her work to prepare and educate herself to be a coach.  

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Ann is how she cares about people and has so much to give."


Louise Cerkvenik - Philadelphia PA 9/2018

 "Before I came to Ann I was at a crossroad in my career. She helped me open up and rediscover my passion for writing. Now I am working on a business plan. Thanks to Ann I have more confidence and I am much happier.  "


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