About Ann

Certified Professional~ Energy Leadership Coach & Master Reiki Practitioner

My genuine passion is to listen and hear specific information that each unique individual wants on a more personal level. 

My natural intuitive gifts gives me the ability to truly empathize and understand you better. 

This is extremely key. Understanding my clients helps me to connect on a deeper level, creating the best landscape for their (your) desired outcome. 

As a coach once the connection is made, this is where the processing towards transformation happens and the real work begins. 

Excitement happens when we connect

Nothing is more exciting as when the personal one on one connection clicks and my clients invites me into their world.

It's at that very moment when I recognize that your spirit has welcomed me, allowing me to empathize and align my unique approach with your values. 

This becomes a mystical dance like no other dance you've ever danced before. The melody and lyrics of your life soul purpose coming together. Resulting into a synergistic outcome is utterly AMAZING! 

Grab your favorite cup of tea or coffee and join me on the Couch

As an Energy Leader,Professional, Personal Life Coach; and Master Reiki Practitioner. I not only help you focus on your unique talents, enhancing your abilities to create personal goals and professional value. 

Together we create REAL results. Equipping you with the  necessary tools for self Awareness, Acceptance again; resulting into a life of Personal and Professional growth. 

The outcome is all about your complete satisfaction and overall ABUNDANCE! It's a life style Not a destination. If this sounds like a good fit for you then I look forward to meeting you... so we can talk all about it on the Couch.